The testing laboratory of the Gydromash-Orion-MZhBK LLP is accredited for compliance with the requirements of ST RK ISO/IEC 17025-2009. Accreditation certificate No. KZ.T.09.0674 dated 09/02/2021 valid until 09/02/2026.

The testing laboratory tests concrete mixes, concrete, reinforced concrete structures, building materials (cement, crushed stone, sand, sand gravel mix, fittings).
Аттестат аккредитации гидромаш орион мжбк
Accreditation certificate
KZ.Т.09.0674 dated 2021, February 02
Testing laboratory
Testing laboratory

The testing laboratory performs the following types of testing:
Concrete strength tests:
  • Frost resistance;
  • Waterproofing;
  • Wearing property;
  • Water absorption;
  • Density;
  • Humidity;
  • Compression testing of concrete core.

Testing of concrete mix for:
  • Plasticity;
  • Rigidity;
  • Mass specific gravity;
  • Porosity;
  • Delaminatability.

Testing of reinforced concrete structures:
  • Appearance;
  • Geometrical dimension;
  • Cover depth;
  • Strength;
  • Rigidity;
  • Crack resistance.

The laboratory is equipped with all necessary equipment and measuring instruments.
All equipment has a certificate of verification and metrological attestation certificate.
The tests are performed with the following equipment:
  • Hydraulic press П–250 and П–10 (compressive strength of concrete and cement);
  • Testing machine МИИ–100 (bending strength of cement);
  • Mixer МЛ-22 (cement tests);
  • Laboratory plate vibrator СМЖ (concrete, cement testing);
  • Extremely low temperature chamber MC-81, Freezer chamber KM 1.40 (freeze-thaw durability basic and accelerated method);
  • Unit for water-resisting property УВФ–6 (concrete water resistance);
  • ЛКИ–3 (wear capability of concrete);
  • Tensile machine Р–50 (testing of reinforcement for rupture, strength);
  • Testing bench (strength, stiffness and crack resistance of reinforced concrete structures);
  • Electronic tester of concrete cover ИПА-МГ 4 ;
  • Electronic voltage meter EIN-MG 4 (reinforcement voltage);
  • Electronic concrete strength tester ИПС-МГ 4.03 (nondestructive method)
  • Screen set KSI 9М (0.315mm to 40.0mm)
  • Slump cone
  • Forms for production of concrete test samples 2FK100, 1FK150, FB and other types of equipment.

The laboratory conducts incoming inspection of materials coming to the enterprise (cement, sand, clay sand, crushed stone, rebar), monitors the production of concrete mix, checks mobility, stiffness of concrete mix, performs concrete sampling, concrete strength testing.
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